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Delivery & Refunds 

Delivery Policy


Buyer accepts responsibility to provide a clear, reasonably level and unobstructed pathway for delivery. The spa must be able to fit through this pathway on its side. All pathways, gates, doorways, eves, overhangs, tree branches, etc. need to be measured prior to delivery. Allow an extra 3 inches on each side of the spa and an extra 8 inches in height for spa dolly equipment. Any delivery that requires a crane, forklift, or extra labor for the delivery is the responsibility of the buyer and not included in a standard 2-person delivery. There will be a $250 re-delivery fee charge plus mileage if the buyer doesn’t adhere to the time and date of the scheduled delivery. If the buyer gives at least 5 days notice to schedule a new date, no extra charges will apply. Seller is not responsible for any electrical or site preparation with the goods sold. HillCountry Hot Tubs will provide referrals for electrical and site prep contractors, however the buyer is responsible for payment to these contractors. Buyer is responsible for obtaining any required permits/permissions prior to delivery.


Buyer is responsible for providing electrical to the hot tub/swim spa purchased. We recommend using a licensed electrical contractor to hook up your wiring and make the final connection to your spa. The delivery crew will not hook up 220v electrical. All 110v units will plug directly into a dedicated 20 amp outlet.

Estimated delivery:

Build times are estimated times from purchase date. HillCountry Hot Tubs will do our best to meet the delivery time-frame listed, however unexpected factors may delay the actual delivery date of the product. This time frame is only an estimation and delivery after this date does not warrant a reason for cancellation or refund. HillCountry Hot Tubs will communicate with the buyer and give product updates on revised production/shipping times from the manufacturer once they are provided.

Product Orientation:

HillCountry Hot Tubs will provide a basic orientation on hot tub/swim spa operations and water care. However, it is the buyer’s responsibility to read the owner's manual, and to properly care for and maintain the hot tub/swim spa.

Refund Policy

*Floor and Display models have full factory warranties, but may have small cosmetic imperfections not covered by warranty. Right to cancel does not apply to floor models.

Purchase & Sale:

Buyer agrees to buy and seller agrees to sell goods herein on the terms and conditions set forth. Product is subject to modifications and color changes per the manufacturer.


All payments are due in full prior to delivery of the hot tub. Right to cancel is within 3 days of the purchase date. Deposits are non-refundable unless noted on the sales orders. If any refunds/deposits are refunded, a 25% fee of the total purchase price will be applied.

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